Asia | South East Asia | Indonesia | Nusa Tenggara | Bali – Ubud redux

Asia | South East Asia | Indonesia | Nusa Tenggara | Bali – Ubud redux

Day 11

Went back to Ubud for the day since I wanted to visit the Neka Museum and go back to Nur Salon. Drove through an amazing village of stone masons with their work all over the streets so it appears peopled by statues. Like driving through a musuem.

The bus stop is nowhere near Neka. And Neka is nowhere near Nur. And where is the constant stream of drivers and ojeks when I need them? Glued to tv sets to watch the world heavy weight boxing tournament. Every available man was scrunched into the rare small areas where there are tv sets (warungs, houses, museums) and there’s no transport available. Since I was walking everywhere I made several shopping stops.

The Neka Museum is very impressive. It doesn’t have a lot of older style work (like Lukisan Museum). But there’s contemporary Balinese artists, Dutch artists who were inspired by Bali and some history of the development of Balinese art. It’s an extensive collection housed in several buildings. I went to the museum store and bought a novel by a Javanese author and a mirror for my collection.

Long hot walk to Nur Salon. By the time I got there I was in need of more than a Javanese hair treatment. This treatment ruled! I had Wayan again. First you take off everything from the waist up and get top wrapped in a sarong. She washes your hair and spends about 25 minutes massaging a thick herbal cream into your scalp. Killer! Then she does a hand, arm, shoulder, neck and upper back massage. Then you get rinsed and dressed.

From there I went back down to the bus, though I walked too far and had to backtrack. Didn’t have time for lunch so back in Sanur I went to Jazz Warung for kickass glass noodles with chicken and vegetables. I briefly saw Ketut (warung owner) but he was on his way out. Chatted with the waitress.

For dinner I went with the Kiwi’s to a little place they’d fallen in love with. The shrimp was very good but the sate was average (especially compared to the incomparable work of Made). Very nice pineapple pancakes for dessert. We walked up the main road and then over to the beach passing a bar full of Waria (Balinese crossdressers) but I didn’t realize it until after. Hey everyone looks like a Legong Dancer.

The guys browsed for temporary tattoos for a while (‘last 2 weeks – look like realthing’). The best was one that is supposed to be Casper the Friendly Ghost but I thought it was a crying sperm.

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