Asia | South East Asia | Indonesia | Nusa Tenggara | Bali – Onto Sanur

Asia | South East Asia | Indonesia | Nusa Tenggara | Bali – Onto Sanur

Day 6

While I didn’t get up to chickens at Mimpi someone was playing rock music at 6 am. Odd. I took another long shower. Had breakfast (included) and sat on a lounger overlooking the water until it was time to meet the bus.

The bus trip took 4 hours. It loops through Ubud before going to Sanur. Change buses in Padang Bai. I met some travellers this way, including a guy from Montreal who was doing his entire trip responding to people asking him if he needs a room. He’d gotten to know the Balinese well this way. Padang Bai is a hopping junction filled with all sorts of tourists even though this is off-season.

I was dropped off at the very top of Sanur just outside the hotel zone. Of course, standing on the street with luggage I was of great concern to the local transport guys. I don’t know enough about dealing with bemos to get on one. I tried hailing a taxi but other forms of transport kept pulling up. I got into a white taxi but the guy didn’t seem to know his way around. I had him drop me at the Griya Santrian. This was an excellent hotel if you want to be on a nice strip of beach (nice strip of beach relative to Sanur, other beaches in Bali are more dramatic). Looked at a few rooms, did negotiate over price a bit. Got this giant room with a sitting area. Seriously bigger than some apartments I’ve lived in. The property is somewhat confusing. I didn’t find the beach until the next day.

I spent the afternoon walking up the North End of Sanur, street side. I went to an internet place, and then ate dinner at Lazer-sport. They gave me sweet and sour pork by accident instead of the Mee Goreng I ordered. The waitress was going to give me the mee goreng too but I didn’t really need it. The pork was great.

A 2nd waitress found me fascinating and spent half the meal asking me all sorts of questions.

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