Asia | South East Asia | Indonesia | Nusa Tenggara | Bali – Art Gallery and around Ubud

Asia | South East Asia | Indonesia | Nusa Tenggara | Bali – Art Gallery and around Ubud

Day 2
Got up after fitful sleep. It’s impossible to sleep past 5:30 am here since that’s when choruses of roosters chime in. I went Ketut’s ‘tour desk’ and found out a group is going to Besakih and other parts of Eastern Bali tomorrow.
I ate a breakfast of exotic fruit salad sprinkled with coconut, fried bread and hot tea. My fave fruit here is mangosteen. So sweet and juicy.

Then I went to an internet center on JL Suweta. It’s always empty because apparently the guy charges 600 rp (6 cents) over the going rate. But it was a glass walled office overlooking jungle and very quiet. I wrote some emails.

Then off to Lukisan museum here. There were a lot of paint/ink drawings on fabric, possibly old wall hangings and regular canvas paintings. It’s good to know about Hinduism when viewing in order to better understand what you’re seeing. There were some woodcarvings. The grounds of this museum were impressive, with lily ponds, statues, but my camera had no film in it. Doink!

Haven’t done any shopping yet even though there’s beautiful stuff to buy in terms of clothes, textiles, carvings, but as soon as you walk into a store the owner is on you like white on rice and I hate that. And I suck at bargaining and am not up to the task yet. It makes me feel weird to be fighting to lower already cheap prices even though I know that even the cheapest price I may work down to is still a ‘tourist’ price.

I went into a cafe for a soda. There I started a conversation with another solo female traveller because I wanted to know what some of her transport experiences were. She hadn’t tried hopping on the back of an ojek yet. She’s in Bali having won a trip around the world from The Guardian (British newspaper). We ate a leisurely lunch.

That afternoon I walked around some more. Some elderly people followed me trying to converse but the language barrier was too great. I met Janet (from lunch) later for a phenomenal dinner at Bumbu (where they also teach cooking classes) and then we went to see the Barong dance performance at Ubud Palace.

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