Asia | South East Asia | Burma (Myanmar) | Yangon – uncertain beginnings

Asia | South East Asia | Burma (Myanmar) | Yangon – uncertain beginnings

I know that there is a discussion going on about the political correctness of a visit to Burma. I’m not going to defend my decision to go. Let it be enough that I’m not ignorant about the political situation in this country and that I kept my eyes and ears open during my stay. I didn’t regret my decision to go for one moment. Burma is a beautiful country and the people are unbelievably friendly.

This time I travelled together with a friend and that was another decision I didn’t regret. Albert is the best travel companion I can imagine.

It was raining cats and dogs when we left Holland. It feels good to be away.

Yangon, Sunflower Hotel. We took a taxi from the airport into town. The chauffeur showed us the different hotels on our list and after we had chosen one he brought us to a place where we could change money on the black market. Cars drive on the right side of the road, a strange detail is that the steering wheel of the car is also on the right side.

We slept a few hours and ate biryani. Yangon is crowded, the real Asia. It is more like India than like Thailand. I feel at home and at ease when we stroll on the streets in the evening. The people are very friendly and they don’t hassle you.

It is clear that this is a poor country.

Had a good night. We are going to need it. We have to catch the bus to Mandalay at five PM. Yangon is okay but there is not much to see and we have to stay here on the way back.

Shwedagon paya is huge and all the gold, glittering in the sun, is almost painful to the eyes. In travel guides they write about it in the way they write about the Taj Mahal. What is the matter with me? Am I still too tired from the flight? Is my mind still in Holland? This Shwedagon Paya doesn’t reach my soul at all!

On the streets you can buy fried grasshoppers. They showed me how to eat them, you tear off the wings and put the whole insect in your mouth. We took an Indian thali instead

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