Asia | South East Asia | Burma (Myanmar) | Bagan – Temples and more temples

Asia | South East Asia | Burma (Myanmar) | Bagan – Temples and more temples

Arriving by boat, you see the first ones from the river, then the short ride to the guest house gives you ample opportunity to see more of them: temples, pagodas and stupas… They are everywhere.

It is as if God has taken hands full of temples and just strewn them over this patch of earth, like a sower sows his rice seeds…
Riding around on an old bike in the sand, visiting a few of the most stunning ones, you look around you and just see them shimmering between the trees, in any direction you look at…

Small ones and huge ones, golden ones and simple brick ones, old ones and new ones (they are actually building some small new ones around!), ones you can climb on to see the sun setting over the river and ones that you can go into to see old frescos, the list is endless…

It’s wonderful to just bike around and feast your eyes, even without actually getting off your bike all the time.
Just have a look yourself…I’ll get the pics up as soon as I can!

The people here seem less friendly, or maybe I should put it the other way around: they are friendly and smiling, especially if you smile first, but not nearly as much so as in Mandalay! As I said, Mandalay in itself was not that amazing, but the Mandalay people certainly are amazing!
I was feeling hapy all day there going around; because the people are smiling at you all day long, you end up smiling the whole day yourself (unless of course you’re the most grumpiest of people ever – but even then, at one point you’d end up smiling at least once in Mandalay!)

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