Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Pokhara – Chilling out…

Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Pokhara – Chilling out…

If there ever was a good place to chill out after two intense weeks in India and a gruelling bus trip, it is Pokhara!

The people are nice and friendly, the food is good (allthough that can be questioned as I hit a Delhi-Belly on my first day here – I have been told by thos who know that Nepal is much worse than India on this account and the Delhi-Belly should therefore be called Nepal Belly!), they have nice movies, good rooms, hot showers, a lake, ….
Not necessarily the most authentic of Nepali experiences, but to chill out just what I needed.

Spent here a very easy week, while trying to find trekking companions and working out the details of my Annapurna Circuit Trek: almost 3 weeks of trekking through the Nepal Himalaya, promising astonishing views, a great diversity of etnic groups on the way with all their own habits, housings and culture.
Obviously (and luckily) the internet has not reached these remote villages yet, which you can only reach on foot or on a horse.
Reason why you haven’t heard from me for the last 3 weeks and why it is taking me a little while to catch up.

Just some patience, the story of my trek is on its way to the net…

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