Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 820m – Pokhara (still!): And lost them again!

Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 820m – Pokhara (still!): And lost them again!

Waking up at 6.30 am this morning, I didn’t feel very confident leaving on a 3 week trek without at least having seen a doctor, especially as the rumblings going on in my tummy didn’t exactly predict any good news…
My intuitions confirmed after 3 ronds at the loo in 30 minutes, I decided to go and see a doctor, just to be on the safe side.
A double prescription and an interdiction to go trekking that same day later, I had to go and break the bad news to the Dutchies… luckily enough they took it quite well and went off with just the two of them and the guide.

So here I was again, in a span of less than 2 hours this time, from leaving this very morning to being back to square one…
Remembering a message on the noteboard of “Once upon a time” ( a nice and friendly breakfast and more restaurant/bar), I decided to check that out and see what it would bring.
I never got to check it out though; the girl having breakfast next to me (porridge – yek! even with the countless times this exact breakfast situation was going to be repeated I have not been able to even taste the stuff; guess you need to be born British to have an appetite for this thing they call so invitingly ‘a good and sturdy start of the day’), answered me on my inevitable “Are you going trekking or are you back already?” that she was going to do the ABC! And no, she wasn’t especially looking for company, but yes, she did think it would be lovely to go together!
She’d be meeting a guide at 10am, so off we were…

Fiona (yes, I do credit all of you with some deductive powers – for those who have not caught on yet, Fiona is the breakfast girl and my future trekking companion), was quite happy to carry her stuff herself, but I’m not such a toughy as she is and as the guy we met was not going to do any portering, we decided to look around a bit more…

And guess what, we ran into Amore (you’re bound to run into people you know in this small part of town that is Lakeside – you spend a week here and it’s as if you’ve lived here all your life!).
Having thought I left that morning, he was very surprised to see me still in town, but not so much that we didn’t decide to talk later on about him being our guide!
Having arranged for 2 more meetings later that day, the situation urgently called for a big pot of tea -the first of many yet to come!- and talk a bit more before all the ‘job interviews’. Knowing either of us, you’ll know that a pot of tea would not be enough for the two us to finish talking, so we continued over our lunch – which promptly had us late for our first meeting with Amore. No problem however in cool and laid back place like Lakeside; after our first, very unsatisfactory meeting, we ran into him again and were soon chatting and joking along.
Turned out he knows the area really well, as well as the flora and fauna AND he’s a good laugh too! Not unimportant if you’re going to spend 3 weeks in the mountains together!
No 3 really had to be something to get better than this, but no such luck for him, so Amore got the job!

Once more proof that every event has its reasons: I was not completely happy leaving today, with 2 instead of 1 trekking companion and on top of that 2 extra walking days… and having my Nepali Belly therefore turned out to be a great thing: leaving only wednesday now, with just 1 trekking mate I feel really comfortable with and a far better guide than foreseen!
Great day today!

Leaves me tomorrow to get some film, iodene (to purify the water), an extra waterbottle and maybe a walking pole, and to get better!
We’re in business!

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