Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 3540m-Manang: Luxury!

Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 3540m-Manang: Luxury!

Got ourselves a real treat today: a double room with private bathroom for the exorbitant price of 210 rupees (about € 3,13)! (sofar the highest we paid on the trek was 100 rupees, so this IS splashing out today!)
Should have taken a picture to show you guys what we have come to regard as luxurious…I’m definitely a long way from home.

As I am writing this in Manang, the more analytical and deductive ones amongst you have probably guessed it: Fiona is feeling a lot better, although we didn’t push our luck and took the low route instead of the very demanding, very steep high route.
In spite of the views we missed, I can’t say it pains me terribly to have been forced to take the low route…

Just had the most marvellous tomato soup of this whole trek, still from a package, but with basil and oregano added! Delicious!

This afternoon we dropped in for a litte lecture from the HRA (Himalayan Rescue Association) on AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), more commonly known as altitude sickness.
It is not something you want to fool around with, as it can be lethal when you continue to go up…
Basically, the higher you go (especially after 3000m), the less oxygen there is. As your body needs time to adjust to this and make more white blood cells, you have to allow time to this acclimatisation. An old mountain adagium is ‘Walk high and sleep low’ which means you aim to have been higher during the day than the altitude you will be sleeping at.
For us, this means we will be spending two nights in Manang and go up on the mountains somewhere tomorrow for a day walk.

Also saw the movie ‘Into thin air’ according to the book by John Krakauer. Must say this is a rather black and white, simplified version of what happened on Everest that fatal day in 1996. Something we’ll be discussing for a long time still…

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