Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 2530m-Kalopani: to go or not to go, that’s the question

Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 2530m-Kalopani: to go or not to go, that’s the question

Had a terrific long and hot shower, even had a shot at washing my hair after the Manangdisaster and boy, did this feel good! You guys at home don’t even realise it and take it for granted that you can have your hot shower whenever you feel like it…it will never be the same for me again.

Writing in Kalopani, means I have let go of my brave plan to climb to the Dhaulagiri Icefall…
When I woke up this morning I could feel my legs protesting slightly and almost decided to stay another day in Marpha. No doubt also influenced by the very nice guesthouse (Neeru’s), the terrific food and the very pleasant company of Sophie&James… went off on my photostroll though, had one of my famous breakfasts to strengthen me up and set off to go at least to Kakothanti. We had agreed to take the difficult decision on whether yes or no to climb to the Dhaulagiri Icefall along the road.

First stop today was Tukuche where we ejoyed some nice brown bread with peanut butter. A special treat, especially as the guy serving it was a Dutchman! He married a Nepali lady and started up this Dutch bakery in a small town in the mountains…unfortunately their far renowned pastries were not out of the oven yet…
Amore met up with a chum who is a neighbour of him in Dital, his hometown! He is portering for some Israeli people and joined Amore+me during our walk. An animated discussion in Nepali soon started which left me plenty of time to thinkover my big decision on the Icefall; in the end I had it all worked out – we’d stop in Kokethanti for the night and see if there would be anyone to join us on our climb the next day. If so, we’d go, if not we’d go to Kalopani the next morning, having an easy day. Problem solved!
Or so I thought…

We arrived after a good 2 hours walking in Kokethanti and settled in for lunch. Nice enough, but the place was deserted (and I don’t mean just the guesthouse), had little attraction and a meagre menu…this definitely made me think again.
Amore was resolved not to give any indication either way, it was my decision, we could do whatever I would like to… I tried to get some notions on if it would be worth it would to climb up, but that was not for him to decide.
When I started realising that climbing 1200m (and back!) would be MORE than the 1000m we bridged from Thorung Phedi to Thorung La (and on a much shorter distance, so extremely steeper), remembered how my legs felt this morning (not good) and considered spending TWO nights in this godforsaken place, I knew it: let’s go to Kalopani this afternoon!

Even though I had had lunch, I let myself into an afternoon snack of veg spring rolls – it is almost frightening how much I am eating these days…, a huge breakfast finished off with a pancake, 4 sandwiches with peanut butter, soup and fried rice for lunch and 2 spring rolls as a snack…and the worst is, I’m still hungry!

Ans just arrived, she couldn’t take all the discussions in the group anymore and decided to push on on her own, leaving The Group behind in Larjung!
Don’t know where to go tomorrow, Tatopani might be too far (6,5 hours) considering I want to climb up to the viewpoint here (a 45 min climb which should be OK and a much easier substitute for the Icefall).
Maybe Rupse Chara or Dana, we’ll see.
Need to order some dinner!

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