Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 1700m-Tal: and we found a newly born in a basket…

Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 1700m-Tal: and we found a newly born in a basket…

Didn’t think I’d make it until Tal today when we started off this morning, but here we are!
My legs were really weak and wobbly this morning, probably because of yesterday’s exercise and my ongoing diarrheao (am again on antibiotics).
After our first stop I felt must better though and we had an amazing day with plenty of waterfalls, a Nepali porter with a twisted ankle, our first snowcapped mountains and some marvellous “peak throughs”!
It was baking hot again, but the weather gods had a little mercy and sent us a light breeze to make it just right.

We came across one of the most amazing things of this trek this morning: in a bend of the path we encountered a whole family with a father, 2 kids running around, 2 women and a tiny little baby that could not be older than a few days. One of the women was lying down beside the path, while the other took care of the baby.
It turned out that the baby was not just a few days old, but a few HOURS! This Nepali woman had just given birth some hours ago along the footpath through the hills and taking a short rest before moving on again… The baby was already nicely tucked in, in one of those typical Nepali carrying baskets.
Absolutely fantastic to have witnessed this…

The big group we ran into several times today showed up this afternoon at Hotel Paradise (near the waterfalls). This meant an animated lot around the table playing chess, cards and lots of chatting, while I went with some of the others to have a closer look at the waterfalls. Not so close as the Dutch guy, Remco, though who decided to take a very cold shower under the fall!
Was very happy to have taken a hot shower before !(my first in 3 days – I know, this sounds awfully smelly to the lot of you at home who can take a hot shower anytime you like. Somehow it is not the same out here, there is no logical explanation to it, but we don’t smell; or maybe we all smell terribly but just don’t notice it anymore… anyway, a hot shower and a hairwash is an absolute luxury on the trek,as are clean clothes!)

Easy day tomorrow, only to Dharepani, which will leave us some time do some laundry (we do TRY to stay clean).
Will leave at the usual time though, so I am tucking in early again!

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