Asia | Nepal – Setting up camp….

Asia | Nepal – Setting up camp….

22.11.02 – 23.11.02

After a few hours of slow ascend, through lots of rocky paths or rather rocky non-paths, we’re on the ridge to Ama Dablam…and find that once we’ve passed it, the yaks can’t go any further…it’s one big field of rocks, strewn about by the Ama Dablam glacier. And when I say rocks, I mean huge rocks…
We decide to unpack the yaks here, take as much as we can with us and come back for the rest later tonight or tomorrow…it means I’ve added my sleeping bagf and some snowstakes to my already not too light rucksack – nothing compared to our staff though who disappear rapidly with huge loads into this rocky labyrinth, as does Victor. Jo and myself stay with our cook and take it easy, as it’s very unsteady going. Even so, it’s a bit scary – we don’t know exactly where we’re going, just a general direction and the heavy rucksack bloody well unbalances me when I try to scramble over the rocks…I feel my legs, my arms, my back and ask myself what on earth I’ve got myself into…
Am tremendously happy when we finally see our new BC with one of the tents already standing! And not much later Victor comes towards us and offers to take my rucksack. At first I courageously decline, but then decide that this isn’t the place or time to hang onto any false pride and happily turn my rucksack over to Victor.

From the yaktrack to our BC has taken me 1.5 hours and I’m pretty much exhausted. We get organised, tents up and talk some over a bowl of hot Rara noodle soup. Sonam and Victor have gone out to pick up more of our stuff from the yaktrack and we’re all having an early evening.

Charles & myself (we share a tent, the difference in warmth in your tent with 1 or 2 person is amazing! Also, it’s not as if we were short of things to carry around, so an extra tent was certainly not an option…) wake up lazily as the sun is already on the tent. The others have gone off to pick up the last of our gear.
Easy breakfast out in the sun and when everybody’s back, we’re off to do some serious walking, direction Mingbo La glacier.
Ombigaichan looks pretty impressive from where we are! Steep!

In the evening it’s mess tent. Once again, back to basics – no nice heater inside the tent as we had in ABC, just a lamp, so we keep on our nice and warm duvet jackets, fleece hats and duvet trousers to stay warm.
Hot soups also does wonders to warm you up and the Dal Bhat is just the thing to replenish your energy.
It’s down to just the four of us (H was ill and had to stay in ADBC) and our Nepali staff, Gyenye, Ekka, Syrendra (cooking) and Sonam (climbing).
Having nothing around but yourselves does wonders for your imagination and creativity and we spend an entertaining evening in our simple mess tent, some 5165m up in the Himalayas…

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