Asia | Nepal | Mount Everest – Team ‘feel great’ at Camp1

Asia | Nepal | Mount Everest – Team ‘feel great’ at Camp1

Willie and Gavin phoned today sounding very chirpy. As usual Gavin was going on about the culinary delights being prepared by his tent mate-come-chef. Fruit dumplings were on the menu at Chez Tent tonight.

They shaved another few minutes of their ABC – Camp 1 ascent time today and are packed and ready for tomorrow’s final Camp 2 equipment drop.

He told me confidently that they are ‘putting all yesterday’s planning into action’.

The North Col has got busier since they were last there and so they will probably be climbing along side other groups tomorrow.

Anyway, not much more to report – there is a bit more audio above too…

Oh yeah – bit of an advert break I’m afraid – Gavin also wanted me to tell you all that he has a couple of places left on his trip to Eygpt and also to Mt Elbrus in August… take a look at the Adventure Alternative pages for more details!


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