Asia | Nepal | Mount Everest – First carry to Camp 1

Asia | Nepal | Mount Everest – First carry to Camp 1

Advance Base Camp, Everest.

We got a call today from Gav as he sat perched at Camp 1 (7,000m). He and Will had done their first climb above ABC – and have taken up some of their gear in what will be the first of many journeys between the two camps.

They left early this morning and walked for half-an-hour to the headwall of the North Col… They then started their climb of the wall, which took just over two and a half hours. Apparently the Russian team (who they had exchanged tipples with before at ABC) took seven and a half hours on the same route – so they feel as though they are acclimatising well. Either that or the Russians were still feeling a bit groggy from the night before!

Once they had dropped their gear off they had a quick rest then descended down the headwall back to ABC – in a very speedy 26 minutes according to Gav.

They are very tired, but at the same time happy that their first gear carry above ABC has gone smoothly.

Tomorrow is a rest day and the next day they will be doing another carry to Camp 1.

Another milestone was reached today as well – our first extreme text alerts went out to 100+ mobile phone users across the world (from Australia to Ireland)… If you haven’t registered you still can. They’re free and will keep you bang up to date with all the latest news – as soon as it happens we send them!

Also – we now have a dedicated webpage for a US school who are following our expedition – to find out about who they are and what they’re doing follow the links from the Everest Post front page…

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