Asia | Nepal | Mount Everest – Camp 1 fully stocked

Asia | Nepal | Mount Everest – Camp 1 fully stocked

We spoke with Gavin again today – apparently he and Will are back at ABC having completed their third carry to Camp 1.

They are now fullt stocked at camp 1 (21,450ft) and ready to face the next stage – the camp 2 carry. For the moment though they are both knackered because of the exertion over the last five days and are looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

In terms of the weather, it has worsened again and they are quite happy to sit tight for the moment.

As soon as I hear anything more I will let you all know.

Thanks for the kind words about the site/Gavin’s updates to all those who have contacted me…

Also, we have decided to put these updates in the newsletter itself… just to let you know.

The Everest mobile phone logos are on their way and should be on the site in the next couple of days.

Concerning audio, I have only put up the Real version as it is ten times smaller than the mp3 version… In any acse, it is the preferred format for this sort of audio on the web (I think!). If anyone thinks this is a bad idea and would like the mp3 version let me know and I will consider re-instating it.



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