Asia | Nepal | Mount Everest – 48 Hour storm lashes ABC

Asia | Nepal | Mount Everest – 48 Hour storm lashes ABC

Dear All,

Gavin and Will called again today – they have been stuck in a 48-hour storm at Advanced Base camp. Today the weather has broken slightly and there has been periods of sunshine – although the winds are still strong.

Apparently the last couple of days has been a bit demoralising with all the bad weather.

There are quite a few damaged tents at ABC and Camp 1.

Most of the commercial teams have headed back to Base camp and they have been left pretty much alone. Most of their time has been spent tightening tent pegs by the sound of it!

They’re fine though and are mentally preparing themselves for the next big challenge – their first visit to Camp 3.

Depending on the weather tomorrow they plan to go to Camp 1 on the North Col – they are keen see how their tent is doing. If they make it their tomorrow then they plan to go on to Camp 2 the next day and check out their cache there (as well as take some more gear). As far as they know they are still the only team to have equipment at Camp 2.

Future plans are to do another carry to Camp 2 then try for Camp 3 – but that won’t be for a few days yet, so we’ll keep you posted with the latest news as soon as it happens.

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