Asia | Nepal | Kathmandu Valley | Kathmandu – Back to my beloved mountains

Asia | Nepal | Kathmandu Valley | Kathmandu – Back to my beloved mountains

11.11.02 -13.11.02

The day I left Nepal, I somehow knew I would come back to this intriguing country. What I didn’t know then was that it would be this soon!
The closer we get to Nepal, the more excited I get: it’s only moments now until I’ll see my beloved mountains again!

And it’s amazing!
It’s the first time I get to see them from up high in the sky and I’m thrilled.
It starts with a white shadow in the far distance glimmering against an unbelievably blue sky. And slowly, slowly, those whispers of snow form into the magnificent, awe-inspiring peaks that have brightened, but also haunted, my dreams for the last few months…

Ever since H invited me to come to Nepal and climb Ama Dablam with him, I’ve been going back and forth in my mind: do the reasonable thing and don’t do it? Or to hell with sensible reasoning and just go for it, I mean couldn’t think of any safer company to do this with!
It would be reasonable to say no: never having done any serious mountaineering (my 2 weeks rock climbing in Raileh beach were serious and exciting enough but hardly count towards ice climbing and mountaineering experience) and then going for Ama Dablam, one of the most technically demanding peaks in the Everest region does not exactly have a ring of ‘sensible’, ‘careful’ or `well prepared’ to it, does it?
But then again, going up with a good friend that is counted among the world’s most experienced expedition leaders does put it into another light again…

But dad, you can sleep quietly, I’ve played the roll of the sweetest girl of the class and said no… a decision which I’ve both come to appreciate and regret!

Luckily enough it didn’t mean the end of my Nepal trip.
It was arranged that I’d go for some acclimatisation trekking with Sonam, one of H’s climbing Sherpas, before attempting to climb Imja Tsje, widely known as Island Peak and a popular climbing peak for beginning mountaineers.
So once I got to Kathmandu there was some serious preparation to do, get my clothing together, rent a proper sleeping bag (boy, was I happy later on in my little tent that I decided in favour of the more expensive one that would keep me warm even in temperatures as low as -25°C, even though it didn’t exactly get that cold) and let my entourage know that I would be out of communications for the next 4 weeks…. And last but not least, have some pizza and strawberries&icecream at Fire&Ice! If you read my earlier accounts on the strawberries, you might have an inkling of how disappointed I was when I found out it was still too early for the strawberries…

Next thing I knew I was flying out to Lukla from where we would go trekking into the valleys and peaks of this tremendous display of nature’s power and beauty: the Himalayas

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