Asia | Nepal | Kathmandu Valley | Kathmandu – Amazing light and chilling out…

Asia | Nepal | Kathmandu Valley | Kathmandu – Amazing light and chilling out…

Back in Kathmandu.
A last night with David & Jen to phase out an intense and interesting 2 weeks in Tibet. Will be weird to be on my own again.

Not for long though – ran into Henry (the mountaineer) again and teamed up for a bit that week, which made me meet some extraordinary people. Had dinner with more than a few summiteers of Everest and Lhotse and heard the most exciting but also tragic stories: like having dreamed of climbing Everest since you’re 11 years old, finally getting there and then being too ill on summit day to climb…

As even updating my travel journal and eating out with mountaineers gets a bit boring after a few days, decided to take off to Nagarkot for the weekend.

Arrived in the late afternoon, in time to witness one of the most beautiful moments you can imagine.
The light was about to fade, but not quite yet. Instead it glowered over the hills, dressing them in golds and greens.
An absolutely eerie view, which made me incredibly happy to be witnessing it. So beautiful I could do nothing but lean against a tree, sipping my tea.
No use getting my camera out this time, I wanted to save this in my head, as no film would ever be able to capture this unreal beauty…

The room had big baywindows facing east and yes, you guessed right: this meant being able to see the sun rise above the impressive Himalayas, cosily in my bed under my duvet!
This changes everthing about waking up at 04.30 am!
After 2 fantastic days in this little hotel on a hilltop, needed to get back to Kathmandu – ticket trouble to sort out.
An easy week, chilling out and going out (yes, there are ways to stay out late in Kathmandu, even if everything is closing at 10pm) before going on to Myanmar.
It is hard to imagine leaving this country and these mountains that have so enticed me for the last 2 months.
It is like leaving a dear friend behind, but in the knowledge that you can come back any time and be welcomed again…

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