Asia | Nepal – Going back down – dirty, tired, happy

Asia | Nepal – Going back down – dirty, tired, happy

5.12 – Namche
Walked down (and up!) from Pangboche to Namche. Another 5 to 6 hours will get us to Lukla tomorrow – that is, if my legs will still be working! My muscles are protesting!!
very disappointed to find that after 2 weeks camping and clambering around at 5200m I still get out of breath walking uphill at 3500m/4000m!
But, am I imagining this or am I going twice as fast??
Started out with my full gear today, but at the first teabreak Sonam wisely transfered anything that would fit into his pack.

Beautiful today, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, KangTaiga, Thamserku, …
Approaching Namche we saw another beautiful bird, shining blue/orange in the sun: a danfe, the national bird of Nepal.

Am terribly smelly and dusty, after 2 weeks of no showers, just some paddling around in the freezing river, certainly not fit for washing your hair! Can’t be bothered to take a shower before Kathmandu however – seen that I’d have to put my same smelly clothes back on it wouldn’t make much of difference anyway!

Seen my last yaks for a while. And the last of Ama Dablam…
Looking forward to Kathmandu: shower, food (Fire&Ice here I come!), news from home, emails, …
Electricity again! Weird!
Very strange to realise that my sister Janine is coming to Asia in less than a week!
Also strange not to be around Jo, Victor, Charles and our staff. Plunged into a completely different world again – trekking instead of expedition.
Bit disappointed I’ve ended up climbing nothing noteworthy (even like a minor peak), but had a fantastic time with the team anyway! And did enjoy the climbing that i did do!

6.12 – Lukla
Made it!
Seemed endless today and especially the last bit, going up, up, up to Lukla…
Not that endless though, made pretty good time, about 5, 5,5 hours walking.

Lots of traffic today: porters and dzungs coming all up loaded with merchandise for the saturday market in Namche. An impressive sight, all those sinewy, lean men and women carrying huge loads, walking in a long string over and around those mountains and rivers…

Have sore legs myself, every teabreak I’m getting a bit stiff and need to warm up again! Fortunately, my knee & finger are getting a bit better, the oxygen in the air here does it’s work!

After all this time I’m still in awe with those mountains and it’s going to be hard leaving them behind again…
Check in tomorrow at 6h30, allthough the first flight might not come in until 9 or 10 am… we’ll see!

Back in Kathmandu! After a horrificly cold wait in the freezing waiting room at the airport (don’t go in there, they won’t let you out again, but get out of the airport and get some hot chocolate!), a quick flight back into a different world…
Shower! Haven’t enjoyed a shower this much in years!

The trio have arrived this morning back in town, happy as pigs in shit and we’re off to some lunch, guess what: Dal Bhat! Topped off with some really good cafe at the Java cafe…
And then party! We’ve got something to celebrate! The expedition was succesfull and climbed an UNCLIMBED peak! She’s ours!
After a nice dinner with Iswari, Syrendra and the four of us, we decide this can’t be over yet and go off to have some drinks… and allthough the curfew has the bars closed at 10pm, we stay out till, I don’t know, 2, 3 am, talking of mountains, singing, and being happy!

This is it, my last day in Nepal again… it makes me kind of sad again, but I know I’ll be back. Maybe not as soon as this last time, but I’ll definitely be back!
Off to pick up my little sis in Bangkok for a new adventure!

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