Asia | Nepal – Ama Dablam Base Camp

Asia | Nepal – Ama Dablam Base Camp

19.11.02 – 21.11.02
Wedding or no wedding, we’ve got some serious business to attend to!
We’re walking up to Ama Dablam Basecamp (ADBC) today, due west from Pangboche at an altitude of 4500m. An easy walk high up on the sides of the canyon that’s formed by the river coming down from the Ama Dablamglacier.
With every step through this astonishing landscape, I’m getting more excited about whatever adventure is lying in store for me up there. With every step we’re getting closer to Ama Dablam, the mother of all mountains. Her distinctive outline has been with us for a few days already, and keeps me in a sort of permanent awe at her beauty. The Nepali named her Ama Dablam, meaning Mother and her Necklace and you can see her head supported by her shoulders, with the big lump of blue ice as the necklace in the middle.

About an hour before arriving at ADBC, we meet the other expedition members Victor, the English mountain guide, his girlfriend Jo and Charles, an English climber. It’s a nice group that has already started getting to know each other when we walk into ADBC.
The first cooking delights are waiting for us: fresh chips with egs! Lovely after a bit of a walk!
And it has got other luxury delights like a hot shower! It’s amazing what one can do with a sanitary tent, a garden pressure pump and some boiled water…
Everybody settles in before doing some rope and climbing training in the afternoon.
I’m getting more excited by the minute!

That evening, we lay out a basic plan: the expedition is planning to explore and if possible summit on Ombigaichan, an unclimbed peak on one of the ridges off Ama Dablam.
And I’m joining them!
H will only have a few days with us before heading back to Kathmandu, so instead of just Sonam and me going for Imja Tse, we’ll be joining the Ombigaichan expedition!
This mountain is 6340m high, and unclimbed, so we’ll need to do some reconnaissance, because ‘unclimbed’ means also no prior info about approach routes, possible base camp locations or technical difficulties!
So on day 2 in ADBC, we go out on a recce and acclimation walk to find a potential spot for our new basecamp.
And get our first view of this untamed beauty – awesome.

We can hardly wait to get on our way to establish our Ombigaichan basecamp (which we’ll soon come to name Mingbo Base Camp), but need to make sure our logistics are well organised. It’s a peak well hidden and the approach isn’t an easy one as we’ve seen on our first recce trip. But the guys have done well and located a possible spot for our BC, behind the ridge that leads up to Ama Dablam and on the way to the Mingbo La, a forbidding pass at over 5800m.

We’ve arranged for the yaks and our bags are packed. Tomorrow we’re off to our new basecamp. No more luxury hot showers from now on, but back to basics. Same thing for the outfits: as I’m carrying all my stuff myself, it’s down to the mere essentials, because every ounce counts when you’re at 4500m and going higher…

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