Asia | Mongolia | Ulaan Baatar – Exploring the capital

Asia | Mongolia | Ulaan Baatar – Exploring the capital

While there’s quite a bit to see and do in the capital, by the time we left we felt that we’d stayed a few days too long. It was a great shame that we didn’t see more of this beautiful country, but at this stage in the trip money was an issue and we needed a relaxing few days.

The Natural History Museum was a good morning out, with impressive animal and dinosaur exhibits (although perhaps a few too many stuffed creatures for my liking!) The dinosaur skeletons were breathtaking and I really wished I’d gone exploring the Gobi desert on the trip. But hey – I’m 22 and there’s sooo much time for all of that!

We spent an unnatural amount of time shopping for souvenirs – desperately trying to hunt out oddities and bargains. I’m pretty sure my friends and family don’t know anyone else who’ll ever go to Mongolia, so I wanted everyone to get a present. Of course I will try and convince everyone to take a holiday in the land of Chinggis Khan, but I doubt I’ll get many takers!

I bought some traditional hats, some fortune telling kits made of bones, a couple of landscape paintings, two handmade chess sets and a mother of a knife from the city’s best temple! The rest of our holiday was spent eating, drinking, going out and hunting for cheap flights home from Moscow.

I had expected great things from Mongolia and am delighted to say that it didn’t disappoint. The people were welcoming and friendly, the country was beautiful, the air was pure, the land untouched, the beer cheap and contrary to everything I’d read, the food was quite tasty!! I’ll definitely be back one day with a tent, a gas stove, a hired jeep and a few weeks to kill!

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