Asia | Mongolia | Gachuurt – Camping day 1

Asia | Mongolia | Gachuurt – Camping day 1

After discovering that no public transport serves Gachuurt – our chosen destination, close to UB – and that jeep drivers charged ridiculous prices, it seemed that a taxi was the only way to go. Not too adventurous perhaps, but a cheap and easy way to get from A to B.

We got dropped off in the village and set about finding a pretty spot to pitch our tent. We found the perfect place almost straight away – a small hill smattered with trees and not a person in sight. There was just one problem – a fast flowing, wide and seemingly very deep river separating us from our chosen camping ground. Undeterred, Hector began his usual round of charades with some locals and against the odds he made himself understood and we were directed to a crossing point. Hector has become quite adept at conversing with the locals through amusing mimes. His ‘tent’ and ‘knife’ are unrivalled!

Alas, the current was too strong and while he did make it across and back only getting wet up to his belly, we reckoned the chances of making it across with the bags were slim. Since a wet sleeping bag, tent and clothes didn’t appeal, we continued the quest. After an hour of searching for a place to cross, we had to admit that nature had beaten us and pitch the tent in a forested area this side of the Tuul Gol (river). It turned out to be a great spot; an abundance of dead wood for building fires, close to the water supply and a nice distance from a small cluster of gers. We were far enough from them not to invade their privacy, but close enough to ensure a few visits from the nomadic people.

We amazed ourselves with our ability to build a fire and dine on Mongolian pot noodles. Then followed the first night of rain since we arrived in Mongolia.

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