Asia | Korea, Republic of – Back in Seoul

Asia | Korea, Republic of – Back in Seoul

I surprise myself sometimes. Like, for example, the time I suddenly found myself working as a Crime Scene Examiner. Then there was the time I quit that job to move to Amsterdam and mere days before my departure, changed my mind and learned to be an English teacher instead. Not to forget the time I was about to go to India, and ended up staying in Egypt and getting qualified as a professional scuba diver instead. It shouldn’t therefore shock me unduly that after months of total dedication to the idea of working in SE Asia this year, I found myself on a flight to……..Korea. Yes, that’s right, Korea. It’s part II. This year promises to be different in a number of ways though. For one, I’m living and working right in the heart of downtown Seoul. For another, I’m teaching adults rather than kids.

So far (I’ve been here 5 days) I’ve had a great time. My flatmate is a nice bloke, my co-workers are all very friendly, and my house is great, apart from the huge and generous leak in the living room ceiling… It’s a conversation point if nothing else!

I’ve had my first two classes, which went well, and the past few days have been absolutely beautiful – scorching sunshine all the way. In the Korean tradition, there’s already been three nights out that didn’t end until dawn, although that’s all got to stop now apart from the weekends, because I have to get up at 5.30 every morning.

So, in summary, it’s great to be back,and I’m sure there’ll be a lot to tell of in the coming year. i’ll keep you informed. As you were.

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