Asia | Japan – Prologue

Asia | Japan – Prologue

Ah, to see the world. What a wonderful thing to go. Once, I spent a summer camp in Weatherford wearing a Dixie cup/sailors cap to keep the sun off. At the end of camp, one of my counselors signed it ‘to the girl who will see the seven seas.’ Next off, the Sea of Japan.

My coursework at the University of Delaware ended on May 31, with the symbolic walk across the stage to shake hands and smile. The timing seemed right to plan a trip. With the frequent flyer miles I had, I could afford the airfare. With having two friends in Japan, I had the encouragement to do it.

In 1992, I had a wonderful exchange student stay in my home in Fort Worth, Texas. Her name is Yayoi Aizawa, and she is from Nagaoka, Japan. I will have the pleasure of seeing her town, and meeting her family during my travels.

My other friend is Arthur Aaron Herman ‘Skip’ Schultz, II. We met when I was living in Houston in 1999 because he was a high school classmate of my friend, Chris Render (who was my drum major from SFA). Aaron is now teaching English in Japan, where he has been for three years.

With this combination of good fortune, I thought I would take the trip. With the combination of new technology, I have the opportunity to take you all with me on a virtual adventure. I hope we all have a great time!

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