Asia | Japan – Final Tallies

Asia | Japan – Final Tallies

Probably about five pounds.
Bottle of Conditioner (At the onsen in Kumamoto)
Bottle of Shampoo (At Skip’s apartment in Misumi)
Hairbrush (at the Youth Hostel in Aso)
Rain Jacket (on the shinkansen to Shin-Fugi) (Got it back the next day at the Japan Rail Lost & Found in Tokyo)

Tons of souviners
(slippers, klenex box cover, jewlery bags, buckwheat pillow, fan, eyeglass case, T-shirt from Hard Rock Yokyo, coasters, cat + bear couple dressed in kimonos, peridot bracelet + ring, bookmark from the Tokyo Science Museum, sleeping cat charm, chopsticks, chopstick holders, sleeping cat figurine, maneki neko (beconing cat) figurine, paper umbrella, love charm, daruma doll, Kangi brushes, insence, ceramic cup from Oyano High School, postcards of the moss temple)
Books on Nikko, Old Tales of Kyoto, Photographic spots of Kyoto.
A taste for Chu-hi
18 rolls of film worth of pictures
A Japan stamp in my passbook

Would Change
I would pack astrigent, bug repellent, bug bite anti-itch cream, more socks and an umbrella.
I would not pack and fancy pants or dress shirts, two less t-shits, one less pair of tourist pants.
I would ONLY pack one bag!
I would take traveler’s checks and I would NOT go believeing that my credit card would work there for getting cash.

Would Not Change
Seeing Friends
Traveling alone
Going to Nikko
Buying a JR pass (it cost me 45,100 Yen, and the figured value of how many train tickets I would have bought is up around 116,780 Yen)

Final Tally : Priceless

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