Asia | India | Maharashtra | Mumbai (Bombay) – Making a (possible) run for it

Asia | India | Maharashtra | Mumbai (Bombay) – Making a (possible) run for it

Left Singapore feeling totally exhausted. Not, as might be expected from a glut of sightseeing or clubbing, but from that age old obsession of mine: Hindi films.

Yes, that’s right, I discovered Little India and had a field day of for, resulting in my staying up practically 24/7 during my time in Singapore with time out to roam the Botanical Gardens, Sentosa, check out the malls. ‘Wait, doesn’t that shop sell Hindi dvds as well……’

Staggered onto the plane which was nice and empty, so spread myself out across the seats for a nice nap. Now, my problem with planes is that when you’re full of energy you fly with some airline like Quantas which has only a communal screen and barley and food so the time drags, but when I’m tired I had to fly with Cathay Pacific, who by the way, for the those not in the know, rock!!! They have room, personal screens, a billion channels, all showing films I’ve been dying to watch.

Goodbye sleep!!

Quick note about Singapore airport. Mobile chargers!!! Now, I’d heard it was a cool place, but anywhere that has these dinky little homes where you can safely charge up the little fella and wander off is beyond cool!!!

On my travels I’ve realised how spoilt I’ve become. Got to Mumbai airport and all I could think was where’s the air-conditioning?

Nearly had a heart attack though. Since, the Indian consulate in Sydney, had for reasons known only to themselves, decided to only to give me a 5 month visa, the immigration officials at the airport were convinced it was a forgery and since my passport is also looking a bit seedy they thought that was too. So whilst I planned on the best way of getting round/over them with the least amount of damage to my person, because, dammit, there was no way they were keeping me out of this country, they congregated in a group and discussed my passport, poring over it with a magnifying glass and tissues, etc…. Though finally they let me through, so my escape plans were put aside.

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