Asia | India | Kerala | Kochi (Cochin) – run fast because its fun

Asia | India | Kerala | Kochi (Cochin) – run fast because its fun

Well today was one of the most brilliant so far! I arrived to Cochin at 5.45 this morning, after a weird night sleeping on the middle berth on the train! I brushed my teeth at the fountain on the platform, as i couldn’t take another step without, but I had to wait longer until a shower was possible.

I met these Bangladeshi students also looking for a room and meeting some friends,. When i found a room for an ok price they discovered their friends were staying in the same place aswell, which was great.but as I gave them my details at the hotel I was getting frustrated by their rudeness, and so i said can you ask me for some money with a please, please can I have an advance, instead of demanding it! then they chucked me out the hotel!!but that was fine because I have found a much nicer friendlier and cheaper place.

There I met my first israeli for india, gal. I was hiring a bike and he walked out the hotel and said oh i’ll hire a bike too! So together we rode around this lovely town, which is small and quiet and probably a bit richer thansomeother placesinindia. We saw the synagogue, and went back later to meet the leader from the community, he sort of said what do you want?!we asked him a few questions and he had an interesting perspective on life and jewish people,it seems most jews in india now live ion bombay, and the majority fromthis community have moved to israel.they have been here for over 500 years,and its sad to think thatina few years only the building will be left to remmeber this community. Only 14 jewish people are left in cochin, they don’t have a minyan (core number of people to say certain prayers)but they still invited us to pray tomorrow night.

He said his family came to cochin 400years ago because of the Spanish inquisition, and the majority of the community is sephardi(of spanish or arabic origin).

It was so fun cycling roundtoday, ifelt sofree and easy and am for definate getting some sort of bike when I get back home!I think today goes up there with motorbiking to sigiriya and swimming on jungle beach and generally hanging outin unawatuna and mirissa beaches.

So we cycled this afternoon about 12 k, all around this part of the town and then over the bridge to the other part, to the harbour where there were hundreds of oil tankers parked on the road waiting. Here the oil tankershave beautifully painted wordson themso highly inflammablebecomes a work of art instead of a warning.

So after we finished our ride with a pineapple lassey which is nicer than it sounds, we got the ferry back to fort cochin, where we are staying. Wow the ferry was beautiful, this pace is like divided up by the sea, with 2 main parts of the town and other islands aswell, and the ferry was just before sunset so there was this great light,and ilove being on the water. Did I say tomorrow we want to take a boat trip to the backwaters?
Toady was like just the sort of day I wanted when i planned this trip, just brilliant,easy, full, met a nice person to hang out with, easy company to keep, no hassle. And really fun and liberating to cycle everywhere and we got to see parts of town we never would have on foot.i enjoyed the ride like when you’re a child and you just run because its fun,and you run fast beacsue its’ fun. Wel it was like that. If I felt like it I’d just ride fast. Wow.

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