Asia | India | Indian Himalayas – Waking Up is Hard to Do

Asia | India | Indian Himalayas – Waking Up is Hard to Do

This will be my first official ‘work’ day. I went over to find the administrator and register for Art Refuge and I woke the poor man up! He was very nice, though, and told me to come back around 9:30 (a very reasonable hour). So I have a half hour to wander before I go back and see what is involved.

The building where the refugees come is tall and austere, but warm inside. There’s a huge kitchen to the right and a dorm to the left with pallets all set out. Then stairs going up. Art Refuge does classes up on the roof because they don’t have a proper classroom. So I guess I will meet everyone this morning. I’m pretty excited.

I decided to walk and explore a bit, so I wandered down the road, thinking maybe it would come out to the main drag where my hotel is, but it just kept going down and down and down … and I realized I would have to come back up and up and up … so eventually I turned around.

I asked a traveler where the road goes, and he said this is the one that goes down to the Tibetan Library of Archives which is where the uncle of my friend works, so now I know how to go down and meet him.

I guess that’s all I’ll write for now. I miss everyone at home much more than I thought I would.

My room is very nice, though the bed is hard and it’s a bit of a walk to the bathroom, but I can’t complain about the view. And the quiet is lovely. I woke up to the sound of birds. First some songbirds, then crows, and then some twittering ones I couldn’t identify.

Yesterday when I was playing music, a small brown and white bird came and perched on my balcony and cocked his head back and forth, listening. He stayed for maybe three songs. This morning, he was back on the ledge when I woke up. So I have a new friend.

Actually, I’m making a lot of friends already. Met some people from New Zealand this morning, one of whom is a teacher at an Indian primary school here for awhile. Another is teaching English and he’s from Boston. Small world.

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