Asia | India – Delhi, first impressions

Asia | India – Delhi, first impressions

In Amman I met Carola and Nick who were off to PaharGanj in Delhi as well, so we decided to face the tenacious taxi drivers together.

Among our good resolutions: find the official prepaid taxi booth, so as not to get ripped off on the price to pay or get yourself in a taxi that will NOT take you where YOU want to go, but where THEY want to go. Nothing mean off course, it is just because the hotel YOU want to go to has burned down/ closed down/ is overbooked/ cannot be reached because of traffic problems/ … (just pick your choice and fill in what’s appropriate) 🙂

The offers were abundant but as said, much too expensive or too tricky and we managed without too much of a problem to keep to our resolution! And it worked, normal price, to exactly the place we wanted to go…

It was not five minutes before the first cow came into sight: on an extremely busy road, filled with cars, riksjas and busses (even at 6.45 am), this holy creature came walking down the road, needless to say that she was going against the traffic…that gave free passage to the cow, but not to anybody else!
Loads and loads of bicycles, which are not just to get yourself from A to B, but anything that you might want to take with you… and I do not mean just your shopping bags. The weirdest things have come across, some more than twice as big as the cyclist himself…

More riksjas, traffic, noise, hot humid air, the all too familiar Bangkok perfume: a lot of diesel, here and there a bit of putrifying garbage, a little bit of delicious food and a hint of flowers. The Bangkok perfume can be dubbed Delhi-perfume!
Lots and lots of people all around, disturbingly old and poor buildings all around the area I am staying in (Paharganj), electric wiring all over the place outside, numerous hotels, guest houses, restaurants, internet cafes, touts, but luckily enough also very friendly people.

Arrived at about 7.30 am Delhi time (Dutch time 4.30 am) on saturday morning in the hotel, after hardly any sleep during the flights.

First thing to do was catch some sleep. That taken care of, find some more water, something to eat and an internet cafe. Almost done, am now off to go test my first bit of Indian cuisine… cross my fingers and will let you know later on!

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