Asia | Hong Kong | Hong Kong – Lucy goes East

Asia | Hong Kong | Hong Kong – Lucy goes East

Hong Kong – what can be said about this mile high city on such a tiny island. I’ll start by saying it’s not my kinda place. It’s overdeveloped, polluted, overpopulated and hot!! Two days in the city was more than enough for me in our tiny room where Hector could spread out on the bed and touch all 4 walls at once. Mirador Mansions and it’s sister building, Chungking Mansions are the two ugliest and most depressing places I’ve had the pleasure to visit!!

On the up side, the Hong Kongers are friendly, helpful people and Hong Kong Island has some nice sights if you can get away from the neon signs and high rise
office blocks to find them.

As for China, well before I set off I was REALLY looking forward to eating the local food. All I wanted to do was hang out at some street stalls eating with the locals. Severe bouts of diahorrea and some of the worst food in the world put an end to my dream and lead me to face the harsh reality of having the runs in Chinese public toilets. That’s not a pretty tale, but one I shall tell later nonetheless!

In all china has been a real eye opener, what with the constant stares (one man sat and gawped at us for 24 hours on a train) and the very loud spitting everywhere. IT’s not an easy place to travel and after the laid back lifestyle of the Latin Americans it was a real shock to the system. When I can I will write about the train journey from hell, the language lessons in the river, our unbelievable good luck and my unbelievable stupidity and the amount of times I have been close to breaking point and Hector has had to drag me back from the edge…..

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