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Asia | China | Shanghai – Shanghai

after a red-eyed flight sitting between a drunk old man and a hepatitis patient who preferred lying between the seats and the compartment wall, the only thing I wanted to do after arriving in shanghai was to sleep like a log. But what??s the point of visitng shanghai without trying the food. My sister took me to a newly opened restaurant that looked like a casino from the outside. My shorts, slide sandals, freshly washed wet hair immediately set us apart from the businessmen with beer bellies at every other table. The only thing I remembered about dinner was that our waiter, a pale and lanky lad, came to our table once every two minutes and talked with his face about 2 inches from mine. He also gave me the first lecture on etiquette I??ve had in a long time because I shoved his card into my back pocket instead of bringing a purse like a real lady should.

the day starts early in shanghai. By 6am, the streets are already filled with the aroma of fried dough and steamed buns, occasionally mingled with the smell of trash coming out of the open shute. Daylight demystifies Shanghai??s glamour. My sister stays at a new highrise complex that has security guards and a well-maintained courtyard with marble statues, yet laundry hangs out of every balcony. her 13th floor apartment offers a bird??s-eye view of the gray and dilapidated older apt. buildings and the narrow lanes. The only reminder of their better days was the delicate triangular roof that typifies southern Chinese architecture. A few doors were opened to the street, and I could see a dark small room and a bed inside.

Like any other city in china, shanghai is also undergoing constant construction. Rubbles piled up high on every block, and the marble processing workshop was among the first of all the stores to be open 6:30. the trendy young girls are nowhere to be seen. Instead, the crowd consisted of weary students and working class on their bicycles and middle aged housewives out buying the meals for the day. Seafood vendors in the market were busy transferring shrimps into buckets and beheading eels. Chickens, ducks, and squabs snuggled together motionlessly in the cages, completely oblivious to the chaos around them.

Remember the ws assignment, I wandered into a few convenience stores to get a notebook, but couldn’t find one anywhere. I guess everyone here is too busy living their lives to study.

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