Asia | China | North West | Tashkurgan – The next few days

Asia | China | North West | Tashkurgan – The next few days

I backtracked across the country to return to Shanghai, going through a transition from China’s least developed area to its most metropolitan.

I parted with Daniel in the morning, heading back to Kashgar while he got on the bus to Sost, Pakistan. Having been on this stretch of the road once already, I picked a seat on the right side of the bus for the best scenery, especially the red and bright gold cliffs and fast rivers through deep valleys between Karakul Lake and Ghez.

Close to Kashgar, the bus stopped for lunch in a village called Upal. I took a path next to the restaurant and crossed a small stream. Then the whole village was dead quiet, and all the mud houses were abandoned, some of them half-constructed with most parts of the walls still standing but nothing else. It took me a while to realize that these walls were at the base of a cemetery with mound or casket-shaped tombs. There were hundreds of them. It was like a modern, real, and more haunting version of the Jiaohe Ruins where the dead slept on top of the living, and turned everything else dead too. The place could be perfect for a scene in a war movie.

Waited for a train ticket and shopped away for scarves at the bazaar, and wandered around the Uygher neighborhood more for photo-ops.

8/7 Train to Urumqi.

8/8 Arrived in Urumqi sick and tired. Had dinner at the night market, and then shopped away for pirated CDs at the central square, where most locals kill their night with a draft beer by a plastic table.

8/9 Flew to shanghai

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