Africa | Ghana | Yeji – African Time

Africa | Ghana | Yeji – African Time

I’m on a ferry now, that sails Lake Volta, the biggest artificial lake in the world. 2nd class, lots of people sitting on top of each other and on the floor. On the long wait to for the ferry I met 2 woman. Rejoice, local banana vendor, beautiful, that also wanted to marry me, so I’ll take her to Israel although she didn’t have a clue where that is (and also I guess of what’s happening there now).Even to write her address she couldn’t because she never went to school.

The other is a Canadian (what the hell do I have with Canadians lately) that has a too complicated name for me, sitting beside me now (to ask her again?),. In order to get a good place on the ferry we decided that she will take the small day packs and run forward and I’ll come behind with the big backpacks. What can I say, Canadians are not Israelis. So gentle, so polite, she got in almost last. Shitty place we have but she is the one mainly suffering from it. I hung my hammock and I’m looking at everyone from above. (all the local were enthusiastic about it. One mama even “took a ride” on it).

Night, 20:30 and most of the passengers are almost sleeping. Suddenly a young man walks in and started preaching, shouting, about Jesus and his friends. He didn’t forget to include songs in the middle and a few of the passengers joined him.

It’s 5:30 am the next day. The preacher boy from last night is sitting again on my ear lob and screams about Jesus. With all do respect to Jesus at 5:30 I thing he is also sleeping so why wake him and us? Rocking on my hammock listening to the noisy kid, what else can I do.

It’s noon and the heat is unbearable. They have air condition in the 2nd class but they are not working or they don’t turn them on. It’s much hotter sitting and staring ant air con. That doesn’t work.

At 15:00 leaves the last ferry that connects Yeji, our present destination, and the other side of the lake. It’s 10 minutes to 15:00 and Yeji is not in sight. I guess we will have to spend the night there.

At the end we arrived only at 20:00. Since there are only 2 hotels in town, Yolanda (finally I managed to remember her name) and I pass quickly the kilometer between the port and the town and arrive one of the first to the hotel. Immediately we ran to fill the buckets with water for the shower (you didn’t expect running water, no?). Lucky we did, because I finished the little water that was in the big barrel in the courtyard and I don’t think the other had enough for a shower. It’s not so bad because 2 hours later it started pouring so hard that the barrel filled quickly.

First night with Yolanda passed last night (last night she slept on the table and me on the hammock so it doesn’t count). A strange experience going to bed with a total stranger, they had only a double bed, being careful not to touch each other mistakenly. Not that there was any uncomfortableness in the air but still.

7:30 and we are already on the ferry. In the bible (Lonely planet) it says that it leaves at 8 and it turns out that it’s at 9. A young woman on shore is selling porridge out of a huge clay bowl sitting on fire. Looks tasty. The quantity depends on how much you are willing to pay. It’s the same regarding all other food you buy on the street in Ghana. You arrive at the street stand and this is a typical conversation: “Rice for 500, Salad 200, meet 1,500. What, only this for 1,500? Well, at least put a little more sauce…….” I bought porridge for 500 which she put in a plastic bag (just like the rice, salad and meet). There are some things in life that are better only to look at and fantasize and the porridge was one of them. Really sour. It didn’t seem to bother the kid I gave it to. I settled for a coffee and donat.

Of course the ferry didn’t leave at 9. Funny, but the locals also call time here “African time”.

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