Africa | Ghana | Accra – Ghana my love

Africa | Ghana | Accra – Ghana my love

That’s it. Left Togo today and returned to Ghana my love. On the way to the border, in Togo, we passed at least 4-5 army roadblocks. In each of these everyone had get out of the taxi, show his or her ID. and pay a few cents to the soldiers at the post.

It’s been a loooong time since I was so happy to enter a country. To see the big white sign announcing “Welcome to Ghana” was one of the happiest moments for me in this trip.

What a refreshing change Ghana is from Togo. Everybody is smiling, I was exchanging jokes with border police and there is no fear of anyone asking you for money. They even let me photograph the gate with the “Welcome to Ghana” sign.

Remember Jessica from report no. 2? Well, I have to finish writing now because we are meeting for dinner and most probably I won’t be writing anymore tonight….;-) Oh, how I love you Ghana!

I’m walking down the street and dying from laughter. Funny names they have here for their shops and businesses. “See you in heaven beauty parlor”, “Jesus favorite music shop” etc. They also have a few products/businesses that their name doesn’t really encourage you to buy. I’ll give you just 2 examples with the addition of the slogan I would have added in I was the copywriter.

A garage by the name of “Not ready yet”. Hey, Don’t even bother calling to check if your car is fixed or not. It is certainly not ready yet. A beer I saw that holds the very seducing name of “Pee beer”. Our beer not only looks like pee but it tastes like it too. Recommended to serve at body temperature.

It was great meeting Gabriel again here in Accra (he sent me an E-mail telling me where he is staying). We are sharing the same room and he is actually sleeping in front of me now like a baby, or more correctly like an angle.

Tomorrow the triangle might be completed with the arrival of Yoko. I will certainly be happy.


Wow, I haven’t been writing for a few days now, something that didn’t happen to me on this trip before. You are probably guessing the reason why. Yoko did eventually arrive. I even deserted Gabriel and I’m sharing a room, and some other things, with her now. I’m sorry my friend, it’s not my fault god gave us, men, a brain and a dick but only enough blood to run one of them at a time.

We went out last night to celebrate our last night together. We were a group of 10 people from 8 different countries that in between us we spoke 16 languages! Blacks & whites. an Austrian, a Japanese, a Scottish, 2 Nigerian, 2 Togolese (from Togo), a Dutch, a Greek guy and me – your humble servant. Great people, great music. Wow, how much I danced!

Tomorrow morning Gabriel will go to Benin and Yoko and I will go to a beach a few hours from here for my last few days in Africa. This is probably the last time I’m writing to you from Africa. Next time will from home. See you in Israel.

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