Africa | Ghana | Accra – Drums football and death

Africa | Ghana | Accra – Drums football and death

Except for arranging visas for Burkina Faso and Benin, I also went to the biggest market in Accra called Makola Market. It’s a huge market, very crowded, that everything you can possibly think off is sold there. It’s very easy to get lost here and of course it’s full of pickpockets.

On the way back I stopped at a street stall to buy a soft drink. The seller and her two friends invited me to sit with them. I was there for more than 3 hours and after I helped them to close the stall they walked me almost to my hotel. I promised to return and visit tomorrow

Ghana’s football team played yesterday against Egypt in the semi-finals of the under 21 world cup. Everybody on the streets where glued to the TV screens. The capital was totally paralyzed. Me, the is not among the biggest fans of the game, found my self standing with tens others in front of a screen no bigger than 21’’ and hugging like crazy after every goal of Ghana.

Ok, it’s 20:00, dark outside, and it’s the best time to look for dinner on the streets especially because it’s dark and you can’t see exactly how what you eat looks like. Bon Apetite for me!

It’s 23: 00 and I just got back to the room. Just so you will know, an hour like this is super late in Africa. Something like 3am for us. Like every where else in Africa people here go to sleep very early and wake up very early.

Remember the kids who were singing and dancing in the streets earlier? I found out the reason. It so happened and I got lucky. One of my neighbours on the street died. The kids that were singing were probably letting the people know about his death. On the way back from dinner, I heard singing from one of the houses and since I saw people entering, I entered after them too.

In the opening in front of the house sat 4-5 drummers and the African beats that came out of their drums were so heavenly that if I was the dead guy I would have returned quickly to listen.

In front of the drummers were dancing loads of people, their faces colored white (a sign for morning), and it seems like they were very happy that whoever that was dead, died. Tomorrow I’ll ask my new girlfriends for the meaning of the happiness. Most of the dancers seemed as if in a kind of trance, maybe from the alcohol that was drunk there like it was water. A group of young men stood in a circle, every now and then one of them entering the middle and does flip flops, backward and forward, into the air and other acrobatic jumps. Seemed like they are in a kind of competition in between them. An elderly woman was explaining to me without words, and without knowing, another one of the reasons why African woman have such a sticking out butt. You should have seen how she shook it dancing. Not like belly dancing at all. Here just the butt was dancing.

God, how much I wrote for one day. Well, it’s also a sign of how much I’m enjoying. Good night!

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