Africa | Ghana | Accra – Africa

Africa | Ghana | Accra – Africa

Africa. So much power in this one word. For me it a word without limits, one word that tizzies all my senses. It’s been a long time since I was so excited before travelling. All who know me, know that I have a black soul. I love mama Africa.

Addis Ababa. Only 4 hours from Tel Aviv but a total different world. I have a few hours to “pass” until my flight to Accra (Ghana) and I love every minute. It started with the landing in Addis. The steps were pushed to the plain by hand although they had a motor. I guess they prefer here human power than machine power. The bus from the plane drops you off in front of the terminal. Concrete steps with peeling paint lead you to the waiting hall, crammed with people. And what beautiful people. Mamas in traditional African dresses, shouting colors and head bands. Indians in Turbans (no idea where they came from), Arabs with Kafias and beautiful woman. Me, who is know in his weakness for black woman, my radar went crazy. Afraid for my health I had to turn it off.

Africa. Where everybody touches you, pushes and sticks to you. Here they didn’t hear about the term privacy. We enter the pain. Everyone is stuck to each others ass. People seat where ever they feel like. The old man behind me doesn’t stop kicking my seat. Oh, how I love you Africa.

Beside me on the plane are sitting seven beautiful African woman. A plane crew that is not on duty. After the ice is broken they spoil me with oranges, Ethiopian bread and some other stuff that I have no idea what it is. I in return, give them “twist” (Israeli chocolate bar) that I bought at the duty free.

The plane starts descending toward Accra (the wheels opened this moment), vast grass land, with few scattered houses, are spread under me. It’s cloudy outside. From here I hardly see any paved roads, only a network of dirt tracks. What a hard landing to kiss the ground when I get off?). Everyone claps their hands.

Ghana, here I come!!!

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