Day: November 26, 2016

Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – eating

The eating is great.

I understand that Central Asia and Russia aren’t widely reputed as international culinary venues, but they are assuredly underrated.

I have never eaten so much. Food is served until I am stuffed at every meal, and …

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Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Stopover in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok early in the morning. Our first stop was at the travel agency where we booked the trip to Ko Tao. We then went to the Siamsquare shopping center. If you are in Bangkok and the weather …

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Asia | Nepal | Kathmandu Valley | Kathmandu – Back to my beloved mountains

11.11.02 -13.11.02

The day I left Nepal, I somehow knew I would come back to this intriguing country. What I didn’t know then was that it would be this soon!
The closer we get to Nepal, the more excited I …

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South America | Bolivia – Land of the Aymara – Water of the Gods

Above La Paz the Altiplano sprawls along the base of the Cordillera Real, the Range of Kings. Glaciers and summits fall abruptly into the ochre, windswept plains that support mountains of cumulus and a tapestry of azul. It is a …

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