Day: August 26, 2016

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand – The Prose and Cons of Kos and Prawns

The Prose and Cons of Kos and Prawns- Impressions from the Samui Archipeligo

With a script torn from an obscene slapstick and stretched over the sunny islands, like an old sweater that doesn’t quite fit, the scene was dominated by …

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South America | Argentina | Atlantic Coast and Inland | Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires

20th April – Buenos Aires

They say it´s first impressions that count and so I shall always remeber Argetines as being friendly and going out of their way to help. From the minute we walked through customs, side-stepping the disreputables …

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Asia | China | Yunnan Province | Lijiang – The meaning of budhism

Our inn keeper’s brother came to visit her today. As we were leaving for Baisha, a village 10km north of Lijiang, he told us,’Why don’t you go to my village, Longquang. It has a nice temple and it’s only 5km …

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Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | Scotland | Edinburgh – Step One

Well, at last everything is in place. Our flat is sold and the money should be in the bank next week. I wonder where we will live next? Had a highly successful day booking tickets for the first three legs …

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Former USSR | Russian Federation | St Petersburg – Notes

The all day and all night train to St. Petersburg was hot and cramped. I hadn’t much room to manoever in the couple of feet between my bunk and the ceiling, but I had the latest Nick Cave and Radiohead …

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