Day: October 21, 2015

Australasia | Australia | New South Wales | Sydney – Darling Harbour, Yoga lessons in Avalon

5th of September, Harbour Bridge Walk, Darling Harbour
My day started with a walk on the infamous Harbour Bridge. I guess there is no way to escape from it if you want to claim that you “have been” to Sydney. …

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Central America | Mexico | Pacific Coast | Guerrero | San Patricio-Melaque – Bugs in the Jungle

Melaque is a very quaint little beach town. I am spending an extra day here to try and recover from a bug that I caught. It4s probably more accurate to say, ‘A bug I ate’. I stayed in Sayulito for …

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Caribbean Islands | Cuba | Las Villas | Trinidad – Dancing ducks

The old man waiter said that before the revolution, a big boat came to Trinidad from England. He was out ’til 4 in the morning every night drinking with the sailors ‘because I had to learn English,’ he said.

Bars …

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