Day: March 20, 2015

South America | Peru | Central Peru | Huaraz – Arriving in the Mountains

The bus ride up from Lima on Monday to Huaraz (we used Cruz del Sur, which was a good bus for s/30)included three videos (blaring) dubbed in Spanish, and then thankfully, the last two hours were silent. We started up …

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Europe | Czech Republic | Olomouc – ahoj there, mateys

I love hearing Czechs answer their cell phones with what sounds like ‘ahoy’ but is actually ‘ahoj,’ the Czech word for hi. It just cracks me up. 🙂

Well, I ended up spending a good long time in Olomouc (pronounced …

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Europe | Austria – Global Reporter: Pre Report

Austria, 23rd of June 2001

I just got back from the Birthday-Party of my brother who’s going to Mexico next week. We probably take off on the same day at the same airport! I thought it’s time for a little …

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