Day: December 27, 2014

Middle East | Egypt – A Moulid in Tanta or 2 million country people gather to celebrate death of sufi ‘saint’

I spent a amazing day and night in the Delta town of Tanta, where the big moulid is starting and will take place on thursday, people are starting to gather…So, I journeyed by myself, with perhaps $5 worth of egyptian …

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Antarctica – More On Winter Washouts

Last night I went to a political movie and discussion about Leonard Peltier. It was the dumbest discussion I have ever stayed out of. The winter over crew have lost any brain cells they came with. They had a spelling …

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Africa | Benin | Cotonou – Cotonou

My alarm clock this morning was a bite. Something bit my finger and woke me up exactly in the good part of the dream (after I finished saving the beautiful girl from the bad guys and was carrying her on …

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