Day: November 22, 2014

Asia | Nepal | Western Hills | Annapurna Mountain Range – 2300m-Danaguey: view of an 8000 peak

Really hard day today, even though we didn’t walk for very long.

My legs (yes I know, I am talking again about my legs – you should understand that while trekking, even though you have the most marvellous and philosophical …

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Europe | Germany – Reflection

Reflection is very different than regretting, that is something I have learned by now, it is a very important lesson. Yet, sometimes I forget the difference… But, whether I regret a choice I have made or not, they are a …

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Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Pha Ngan – Full Moon Party

What can I say?
Arrived on Monday for a Full Moon Party on wednesday, but it turned out to be on Friday because the start of the Buddhist 3 month retreat…going to be awfully tight getting to Chiang Mai by …

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Former USSR | Russian Federation – Already hit the road, Jill

I know it’s well-late, in that I’ve already made a move, but the plan is as follows: Go from Laaaandon (England) to South East Asia (somewhere) by train. It’s possible to go from London all the way to Vietnam by …

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Asia | Nepal | Kathmandu Valley | Kathmandu – Team leave Kathmandu

Kathmandu is quiet, the nights almost empty of the usual revellers. On Tuesday a 5 day general strike begins and there is an air of uncertainty.

The Maoists are making their presence felt and it is a strange feeling. Tourists …

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